Sunday, April 18, 2010

Activated! Series- Part 1

Hey Everyone! I've decided I'm going to do a ten part series about some of my personal friends that are doing "hard" things for Christ (if you've read "Do Hard Things" by Alex & Brett Harris, then you have a better picture of what I'm talking about. If not, it doesn't really matter but I would greatly encourage you to read it!) by standing up for their beliefs, being good examples of how Christian youth should spend their time, etc.

These are people who know what they believe and are not afraid to show it (sometimes it's hard, but they all know who they ultimately have to answer to. . .and it's not their peers!). These are my friends who are in the prime of their life, doing what many people will not know about, but that will have an eternal impact on the kingdom of Heaven and bless many.

My prayer is that this short series will encourage you, bless you, and motivate you to be a light to the people around you who are looking for something to believe in!

I once heard an illustration done by Pastor Wayne Corderio of New Hope Church that goes something like this: there's a bunch of people in a room together. All of them are shaking. Half of them don't know why they're shaking and half of them know that they can control themselves and not be shaky but they just do it because everyone else is. So one person who doesn't know this, looks above the crowd to see if there is anyone who is not shaking and standing on solid ground for he would like to learn how. But, unfortunately, there is no one. So unless someone stops shaking, he will never learn how to stop and stand on solid ground because there was no one to show him that it could be done.


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