Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just For A Hat. . .

There's this story of a man in Alabama who was walking down the street on a gusty day. He was in the middle of crossing the street when his "favorite" hat blew off him and he ran to get it. He didn't look where he was going and a big truck hit him and he died.


For what? A hat. He lost his entire life for a piece of material he could've easily replaced. Isn't that sad?

But how many times do we, for something small, lose something a whole lot bigger and more precious that we can't replace?

Here's one big example, someone tries to win an argument. Then they lose a friendship.

Or some sibling is too prideful. They lose the relationship with another sibling(s).

Some adult wants their way. Then there's divorce.

Remember, don't do it just for a hat. . .
it's definitely not worth it in the end!


Miss Jen said...

SO true!!
What worthy rich thoughts indeed!

Love & Blessings~ Jenny

Alicia said...

Hey there! I came across your blog just by chance, but I just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading it! Your heart for the Lord really comes through in your posts. Keep up the great work =)


Elizabeth J. said...

What a very good thought you pointed out. We need to remember to live our lives for God because when never know when we will breath our final breath.

-Elizabeth J.

Beth said...

What a nice post. It's sad that people DO lose things that are so important to them by silly acts we do.
It is really nice to see what a teenager thinks and does. I read your mother's blog and follow her on facebook. I'm going to let MY teenagers know about YOUR blog.

Sarah said...

hey Janai! I started a new blog you can click the link for it at Just One Girl. Hope you're blessed through it!