Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Were You Set Up?

There's a show called "What Would You Do?" and the point of the show is to see what different people do in different situations. For example there's this old blind woman who got cheated on at the store from the cashier and nobody stood up for her until one person took the initiative then others helped her, then they get interviewed and asked why they didn't help out first? and they usually answer with "I didn't feel comfortable" , " I couldn't", or "I don't know her". The blind woman and the cashier are just acting for this show but nobody else knew that; they were set up.

In every person there's a "hidden camera". They use their camera to determine your reputation. Whether you're respectful, loving, godly (and whether you show it), generous, caring, joyful, etc. Others are looking to see if there's anything different about those "Jesus" people. Is there?

What if those actors somehow knew that some of the people who didn't help them were Christians? What were the actors thinking when they saw they didn't move? I don't think those people (Christian or not) had a very good reputation after that.

That paper you walked by today and didn't pick up; were you set up? How do you know you weren't? Also who was watching you? Jesus definitely was.

Next time...remember that someone's camera is on and they're recording what you do!! So set a good example and go above and beyond what's required of you!


Liberty said...

Wow. That was wonderful!! I totally agree.

And the picture at the end- hilarious.

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Very convicting, Janai, now you know that it is a sin to 'set up' your mother, now don't you??? :)

Very good post--be sure to keep them coming!