Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Activated! Part 3- Karisse Wesco

Karisse Wesco (20) is Timothy's younger sister and full time campaign manager. Being one of ten children, she has recruited some of her siblings (and many friends) to help her out with this huge job of managing phone calls, door-to-door visiting, putting together signs and brochures, and all the little details that I don't know about! (For a fact, Timothy is very thankful to have her!)

Karisse has been a very good example to me in many areas. Two of them being her gracefulness in doing everyday things and (one of the biggest one's to me) her ability to listen. I find many people today are always in a hurry or just want to be the one talking and don't really take the time to listen to what others are saying (That's me. I'm working on it!). Karisse has always listened to anything that anybody says to her, whether they're around her age or way older or way younger and whether they take a l-o-n-g time talking to her about something she may not be interested in. I think that's really important. People are constantly looking for someone who will just listen (without looking irritated and bored or else they'd rather you not "listen" to them!) and lend their time for them and Karisse does just that. And that's a quality about her that I want to imitate.

As a homeschool graduate, Karisse also helps at their neighbors daycare center, gives violin lessons to girls at her church, is part of the worship team at their church, does most of the cooking for her family, and. . . so many other things! =)

To visit their church website, click here!


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thats good

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Hi! I just wanted you to know that you should come over and check my blog out...because you won an award! Congradulations!