Monday, July 19, 2010

Activated! Part 4- Daniel Devine

Daniel Devine (26), currently the worship leader at our church, has been such a godly example to me and my family. When we first got to know him and his family they would host Bible study's at their home and Daniel, sometimes with friends, led worship playing guitar (then he was 18) and singing.

Working along with his brother, Evan, for his dad at Devine Homekrafters Co. he also finds time to write on science and global topics for WORLD and Creation Magazine (which are really good magazines! I personally especially enjoy WORLD.).

As a homeschool graduate, one thing that I think that's pretty neat, is he got his bachelors degree online in half the time it would usually take (by 'CLEP'ing) and paid for it himself (which all together was a fraction of the usual cost!). He's also had a truck for a couple years now and just bought a house and did all that. . .debt free (I want to really emphasize on that!).

Not only does he build up his dad's business, writes, and sings but he's also a great older sibling to his brother and two sisters. Daniel is very patient with them, over the years I don't think I've really seen when he even looked irritated with them or any other child he's been with! He also shows alot of brotherly love for and to them, which I think in this day and age. . .we could use a little! That's one thing I want to imitate about him. . .his godly example to those that are younger and looking up to him (especially since I'm the oldest of all my siblings and have quite a few looking to me!). It's one thing to say you're Christian and it's a totally different thing to live you're Christianity out. Daniel definitely lives it out. . .

Check out their family blog- Devine Spot


Steve Finnell said...

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caitlin said...

Awesome! Did he do it on his own or use a program?


Janai Fuentes said...

Hi Caitlin! Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. . .Daniel did it on his own (he didn't go with a program). He took about two years or so to get a BA in journalism. I see you do CollegePlus!, how has that worked for you? I've been looking into CP! and I have some friends that actually do that program and they all seem to like it. . .But I'm still trying to explore my options. =)

Thanks for writing!