Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Activated! Part 2- Timothy Wesco

So to begin the Activated! series, here is my "first" friend I would like to introduce you to. . .

As a volunteer firefighter, Timothy Wesco (24), is currently running for state representative in his district of Indiana (district 21, for those of you out there--Vote for him!=). He and his sister, Karisse (she'll be in this series as well), have done so much to help his campaign get up and going but they both know that no matter what happens, they'll give God all the glory. They know that if Timothy gets this position or not, that it was God's will and they're happy with that. Yes, they'll be rejoicing if he wins and they'll probably be a little discouraged if he doesn't but the main point is that they just trust God and what His will is for their lives.

We met Tim when he was 19 years old, and since the beginning he had an authentic walk with Christ. All you had to do was talk with him for 10 minutes and he was asking questions about your beliefs, sharing his, etc. He's never wanted to waste time talking about things that don't really matter (of course, he not the "just be all spiritual and holier than thou" type. The Wesco's are some of the most humorous people I know! Seriously, they can "bring down the house"! =).

As a home-schooled graduate, he has also been (and still is) the worship leader at his church that his dad pastor's. And he has accomplished one of his bigger goals by buying a house and vehicle--debt free!

Timothy knows what he believes and will stand for them when necessary. I think there are many things I personally and we as a group can learn from him. Such as responsibility especially in the areas of: standing up for biblical principles (especially when there's the danger of someone else leading who does not embrace the Bible), keeping himself in the Word, not neglecting his responsibility at church (such as doing a poor job), and not neglecting his family & friends.

To go to Timothy's campaign site, click here!

For more facts on Timothy (his beliefs, occupation, etc.), click here!

Timothy has won the "first" election! So he's moving on to the final elections in November. Please pray for him and Karisse for guidance as they move ahead and try to do God's will in this campaign.

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Miss Jen said...

How wonderful....
what a beautiful testimony! :)
May the Lord bless him
and his ministry!!

In Christ~ Miss Jen