Saturday, April 4, 2009

Are You A Fool?

This quiz came from Visionary Daughters to try to help us see that we need help, badly! Think about it, I'm sure that you can think of at least ten people that come to mind when someone mentions a "fool", right? But, are we one? Are we on the list of someone else's "Top Ten Fools"? So take this quiz, feel convicted (like I did!), then change (I'm working on it!)!

(When you click the link and it takes you to the site, click the picture and that will get you there.)
Here's the link...


Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Hmmmm...what a convicting post! We probably should take this quiz during our morning devotional and convict others in our home!

Janai, you are doing a great job on this blog and putting alot of thought and effort into what you put up here. Keep up the good work and trying to impact teens for the Lord! Remember...reform, reform, reform!

I have an award waiting for you at my blog!

I love you!

Bethany said...

This is Bethany from Fellowship. Janai, I have to agree with your mom. That really is a convicting post. I have to say that opened my eyes to a couple of glaring faults. Thanks for the wonderful blog you've created.