Sunday, August 22, 2010

Activated! Part 5- Lauren Piekarski

I've known Lauren Piekarski (15) for a while now (about 8 years or so). I was around 10 and she was around 8. And ever since I have known her, there's always been one thing I've admired about her and that is that she is not afraid to speak up about what she believes. Even when it's not absolutely necessary that she does, she does it anyway no matter who she's talking with or what the conversation's about.

If someone said, "I have a boyfriend! And. . . (blah, blah, blah)", she says, "Is he a Christian?. . . Is he "the one"? . . .Then why are you with him?". I love that about her!

If someone was talking inappropriately- right away, "You shouldn't say that" or "Hey, watch it!". She does it playfully yet getting her point across. Not like a old-fashioned school teacher with a ruler in her hand, but with an accepting spirit that lets you know, "Hey, just don't say that alright?".

If we're Christians ("Little Christ"), we need to remember that we knew what we were doing when we repented of our sins and asked Jesus to be Lord of our lives. We knew that we would be following Jesus. And you know what? Jesus was never hesitant in speaking what he knew was right! Jesus knew that, in the end, they wouldn't be the ones he would have to answer to when asked why he didn't speak what was right. So to be like Jesus and live up to our "name", we need to be studying the Bible and speaking what we know to be true. If we don't. . .who will? How will anyone know what is right or wrong if we (the "Christians") aren't telling anyone because we're "scared" of losing friends or our positions or being called names or. . .you name it.

You know, Lauren probably doesn't even know that I've noticed that about her. . . and that I like it. Can you imagine how many other people that have been impacted by her example? How many people that aren't saved have watched her and knew that something was different?

When I grow up I want to be like Lauren. . . Because she isn't afraid. . . Are you?


Anonymous said...

Seems very nice. For a second I wondered if you were still blogging on here.

Janai Fuentes said...

Yes, I am...I know it's been a while since I have but I'm working on it! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Zoe! Hope to hear from you again...(pst- And I'll try to update more, ok? =)