Monday, July 20, 2009

Rebelution Conference '09

On July 11th, me and my dad with some friends went to see Alex and Brett Harris (aka- Rebelution) younger brothers to Joshua Harris, at Moody church in Chicago, IL. Here are some pictures we took. . .

Alex and Brett's older brother, Joel, led the worship.

The band "Reilly" helped Joel lead the worship.

Alex talking about how much the "world" expects from most teens, which is not alot, sadly. He said if you look at teens a hundred years ago, they where not "teens" as we know them. They where children or adults. Now we're supposed to be in this stage of life where we sound like adults, look like adults, but still act like kids.

Brett talking about how we can change our bad reputation as teens to be something way better than what we are now and what we where 100 years ago!

My dad enjoyed listening to their father, Mr. Gregg Harris who talked about Character.

Alexandra, Lauren, and Me.

Twins Teaching Together

About 50 kids got saved that day! It's so awesome when you see really get to experience God moving in people enough that they are able to stand up and shout "Jesus is Lord"!

Alex and Brett signing autographs. After every session, they were swamped with people!

Me with Alex Harris (I'm NOT photogenic!!).

Me and Brett Harris.

(Here's a link to the post that the Rebelution did of this conference.)

If you would like to learn more about them, check their blog and/or their book.


Hannah Michelle said...

Nice post! I enjoyed seeing your pictures. From what I've heard this was a great day....Glad you got to be part of it! =)

The Patriot said...

Hey Janai! I see you got to hear the Harris twins. That's great! I attended a conference in Chicago in 2007. Just couldn't make the trip this year.

It was great to meet you at the Reformation Day Faire. I'm hoping we can make it back again in 2010; with our family or as a carpool again (kind of nice to have a "girls'" trip :).

Janai Fuentes said...

Hi! Yes, hearing the Harris twins was awesome! Especially seeing all those other teens who wanted to do more with their teens years than just waste them!

Might I ask, what is your name? I tried to see your profile but it wouldn't let me.