Sunday, September 28, 2008

Your Reputation

Learn to be a man of your word. One of the most disheartening of all things is to be compelled to do business with a person whose promise is not to be depended upon. There are plenty of people in this wide world whose promise is as slender a tie as a spiders web. Let your given word be as a hempen cord a chain of wrought steel that will bear the heaviest strain. It will go far in making a man of you, and a real man is the noblest work of God. The man who does not honorably meet his promises is not only dishonest but is also a coward; the man who dares not meet his obligations in good faith can frame no other excuse than that of cowardice.

Young man, have a character of your own. Do not be a lump of moist putty molded and shaped by the influence and impressions of those whom you last met. Your reputation is made up by your conduct. Cultivate force, energy, self-reliance and be a positive quantity that can be counted upon at all times and at all places. Be a man whose word is worth a hundred cents on a dollar and your reputation will be as good as gold.

- J. L. Nichols


Sarah said...

wow! that is sooo powerful! you know in the old days a man was defined by how well he kept his word, but in todays society he is defined with how many times he can get away with a lie. i love that quote at the end. great job!

fight the good fight!

Sarah said...

you've been tagged! check out my blog for instructions on how to play :)